Bring The Hive Alive With Bee Swarm Simulator codes

If you enjoy playing the popular free bee simulator game on Facebook, you are likely to try it out for free, especially if you happen to like the challenges. You must complete a series of challenges to earn reward points. They are obtained by doing tasks related to harvesting honeybees, visiting different habitats, planting trees, etc.

Bee Swarm Simulator codes Wiki

To redeem Bee Swarm Simulator codes, first go to the “My Games” section at the Facebook application. Select the application, then click “Redeem.” A list of options will pop up where you either can choose from a list of promotional codes or enter your own custom ones. Once you’ve done so, a window will pop up and give you two choices: Either paste the code in between the “redeem codes” section or just click “redeem code.”

To redeem the free stuff, you need to enter in the correct Bee Swarm Simulator codes. These codes are usually available on websites belonging to the developers of the applications. If you’re really into this game, then visit this website at least once a day for new codes so you can keep enjoying new things.

Apart from the jellybeans and tickets, bee swarm simulator codes will also give you some free gifts if you have enough strength within your jellybean energy bar. Among these are a pollen crown, a pollen tube, and a pollen wand. The pollen crown can boost your honey production, while the wand can help you improve your pollen collection speed.

Last but not least, the next bee swarm simulator codes you need to know are the two golden tickets that can change your appearance completely. The first is called the royal jelly bean, which can transform you into a beekeeper. You can collect honey from different locations around the map and turn it into jelly beans using the royal jelly bush. The second one is called the wind buff, which makes use of the winds to blow jelly beans from your hives all over the map. Once you have collected all of the jelly beans, you simply have to use the wind buff to send them to your hive.

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